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Grow your community of volunteers

Building strong communities is at the heart of what we do and we make sure to provide you with plenty of ideas to excite your community and add some fun to the mix. 

We don't just provide you with the best tools for the job. We also hold your hand and guide you through the daunting process of building a thriving, close-knit school community with a strong volunteer culture.

The knowledge we have gained from 2000 schools using our platform enables us to provide you with cheat sheets, event guides and strategies to radically grow the number of supporters who'll help your PTA succeed.

Organise Profitable Fundraisers

From grab bags to holiday dances to themed auctions, we bring you the most unique and popular fundraising ideas out there.

Our information is from the trenches. We are on a first-name basis with many of our clients and we engage in real conversations about how they earn money for the important programs they bring to their schools. 

To save you time and mental energy, use the templates built into our Event Organiser App. A few quick edits and you are on your way to bringing in much-needed funds for your school. 

Make Powerful Connections

Good leaders know that collaboration can mean the difference between an okay event and one that goes down in the books as super successful, crazy-fun, and organised better than a Bake-Off final.

We love our customers and want them to get to know each other. That's why we host online social events and provide round-up posts to help you learn from your PTA colleagues.

Between live Twitter Hours and webinars on popular PTA topics, we'll help you stay on top of what you need to know, and feel supported.

Want to talk over your ideas? Our private Facebook Group provides you with 24-hour access to others who are up late or early planning their next PTA event. 

You'll gain new ideas and perhaps new Facebook friends as well!

Support Teachers

Everyone knows that teaching is a tough job. Between marking papers, planning lessons, meetings, and working with students, teachers are used to having to do it all.

With a strong PTA, full of parents excited to volunteer where they can, you will be able to support your teachers better than ever.

With PTAsocial, your PTA is perfectly positioned to make teachers' lives easier, so they are better able to focus on educating your children. 

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