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On the free plan your Community Hub can have up to 100 members and 3 upcoming events.

A PlanSocial platform fee of 1.5% is applied to all ticket transactions, plus a payment gateway fee (Stripe) of typically 1.4% + 20p.

To increase your member and events limit, and reduce your transaction fees, choose from a plan below to create a new website trial, then upgrade.  There is no obligation to use the website. You can just continue to use your Community Hub without the 100 member limit.


£149 per year


Community Hub: 500 members

Tickets: platform fee* of just 1%

Events: unlimited

Ready-to-go web page: 

    PTA mission

    Committee Members

Contact Page

Includes hosting

Includes SSL

1 website editor

1 GB Bandwidth

1 GB Storage

    Basic Support




    Community Hub: 2,500 members

    Tickets: platform fee* of just 0.5%

    Events: unlimited

    Everything in Bronze Plan PLUS


    Team page

    Fundraising page

    Online donations with 0% platform fees*!

    Up to 2 website editors

    5 GB Bandwidth

    5 GB Storage

    Priority Support




    Community Hub: 10,000 members

    Tickets: 0% platform fee*!

    Events: unlimited

    Up to 20 web pages 

    Everything in Silver Plan PLUS

    * Online store *

    Mailchimp integration

    (Mailchimp fees may apply)

    Up to 5 website editors

    100 GB Bandwidth

    100 GB Storage

    VIP Support

    Analytics and Tracking

    * Stripe gateway fees of 1.4% + 20p still apply. Please note that reduced platform fees only apply to fully upgraded accounts, not trials.

    Choose your website plan below.

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    Your member limit and events limit will be increased immediately.
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